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To whom it may concern,

Letter of Recommendation for Kent Dahl

Kent Dahl joined the company in June 2005 as a UNIX Programmer. His primary tasks were C++ development and debugging under Linux for B2B delivery projects.

For most of his three years at Opera, he has been working with Motorola mobile phone deliveries. Starting off on the deliveries to the Motorola phones based on the Synergy/P2K platform, such as the MotoRAZR, he has worked across the breadth of the project, improving processes for building, releases, QA, automated testing and more. From ARM assembly debugging to project planning and estimation

He quickly got involved in close communication with customers, daily management of technical issues and all aspects of the project, and maintained this role as a central technical coordinator in the team, all the while acting as interrim technical lead at various times. This made him a natural choice for promoting to Project Manager in June 2007, when he became responsible for a larger superset of Motorola mobile deliveries including EZX and LinuxJava platforms. This included increased exposure to the business side of the projects, including legal and financial aspects.

Kent has shown excellent performance both as programmer and as project manager, and I believe that Kent will make a valuable addition to any organization. We deeply regret his decision to move on and I recommend him without hesitation.

I would gladly answer any request for further information.


Frode Hernes

VP Product Development

Opera Software ASA

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