Ålesund, 2012-08-20


To whom it may concern,

Letter of Recommendation for Kent Dahl


Kent Dahl joined Industrial Control Design AS (now ICD Software AS) in September 2008 and worked full-time as a Software Developer until August 2010.

His work has primarily been C++ development in Linux on the CDP framework (Control Design Platform) for industrial automation and real-time control systems, along with a fair amount of development work on Windows and some exposure to On-Time RTOS debugging.

He has worked on a wide range of components and tasks, such as:

He has also had intermittent project managerial responsibilities for customer deliveries of medium size.

Kent is leaving the company to pursue further education and we wish him the best in his future career.






Christer Valderhaug

Managing Director




Bjørnar Huse

(Former Managing Director)





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